4 System Benefits of Pod

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Pod is a holistic unified communications tool that can massively benefit your business. But what is Pod? We’re glad you asked. It’s an innovative platform that’s designed to make communication and collaboration much easier. After all, staying in the know shouldn’t be hard work and it’s pivotal to business success. Our platform was designed with the user at the centre of everything, therefore, it’s super-easy to navigate and use to your advantage. 

From instant messages to large group video conferences, Pod is a feature-rich platform that allows your business to operate smoothly from anywhere in the world. It’s accessible by businesses of all sizes and needs – with different tiered packages to suit individual budgets and requirements. 

In this post, we’ll look at the main system benefits that the introduction of Pod can bring to your business.



We’ll cover:

  • Unify Your Communications
  • Reduce Your Overall Costs
  • Improve Your Productivity
  • Increase Collaboration

1. Unify Your Communications

With the rise in popularity of remote working, communication has never been as important within workplaces. However, due to not being able to roll over to somebody’s desk in the office, businesses are relying on third-party apps, emails, phone calls and more to keep communication levels high. 


It’s not uncommon for businesses to have over five ways of communicating. On the one hand, this is ace. There’s no excuse for not being able to communicate properly with all those options. On the other hand, it’s too much maintenance. Communication should speed business processes up, not blur the lines and increase time spent communicating. 

Pod call

You should be spending as much time as possible on task – not routing around your various apps and inboxes checking for the latest update on a project. Pod allows you to access all messages in one central place. That way, you can stay in the know and be completely up to speed with minimal effort.

With all your messages and conversation history in one place – you have everything you need to keep up to date with your internal team, the status of projects and with external clients too. That way, you can save time trying to locate your communication threads and reinvest the time more efficiently throughout your business. 

2. Reduce Your Overall Costs

Long gone are the days that copper wiring and any infrastructure have to be installed for your telecommunications systems. Without the need for physical hardware or specialist engineers to come and help you install your system, you’re automatically reducing your costs. And with Pod, all you need is a device and a network connection and you’re good to go!

Of course, you have to pay a monthly fee for your seat so that you can gain access to the features of the platform. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to be paying for a large array of features that you won’t use. There are different package tiers available so that you can choose one to suit your budget and needs. 

For example, if you just need a basic telecommunications system, you’re not going to have to pay for the highest spec package there is. That wouldn’t be right, would it? At Pod, our pricing tiers don’t let that happen. You only need to pay for the features that are within the band you’ve selected. 

Once you’ve selected your package, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for budging from there in the future. If your business grows and you realise that you need extra features for your business to benefit, you can simply change your package and upgrade to a seat with more user accounts and functionalities. 

Likewise, if you’re looking to save money, you can downgrade your package if you’re not getting the most from your Pod subscription. 

3. Improve Your Productivity

With Pod, you can meet with your team as if you’re in the same location as them – from anywhere in the world. Since remote working has grown in popularity, we’ve seen people dialling into meetings from kitchens, bedrooms and other random locations. However, it works! No longer does being in different locations have to hamper any productivity. 


So, if you can’t make it into the office for your upcoming board meeting, not a problem! The Pod platform uses Zoom Video Conferencing Technology within a secure portal, that way, you can dial into the meeting and experience it as though you were in the same room. With Pod, you can benefit from unlimited minutes and up to 500 participants – whereas, Zoom has a restrictive 40-minute limit on their basic package. 

Plus, it’s super-easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to set it up and getting frustrated. We guarantee that each person has been a part of a video conference that has been hampered by unclear audio, lagging visuals and time-wasting due to insufficient set up. With Pod, all of this is ruled out – that way, your meetings can be as productive as possible. 


If your communication levels are high, it best positions your business to work as productively as they possibly can. And if productivity increases, your team will be working at their maximum output and profitability is likely to be high. This huge chain of knock-on effects can be determined by simply introducing Pod to your business – FACT.


4. Increase Collaboration

Good things happen when your team comes together – and when they don’t it usually spells disaster, right? With Pod, there are no barriers to collaboration. Team members can work together on tasks as though they’re sitting next to each other – and we’re not just talking about chatting on video calls. 

pod video meeting

Screen shares and annotations, file transfers and group conference calls allow all the team to work on projects together. Think of your classic meeting set up of a room full of people and a whiteboard full of ideas – and that’s exactly what you have but in virtual form! It’s perfect for mind-mapping ideas and spitballing when delivering on projects. 

If your team isn’t working together, their efforts will be counterproductive. Therefore, they could be working on the same project but pulling in completely different directions which will produce poor results. So, to counteract this from happening and to best position your business for growth and success, Pod can help boost your collaboration levels. 

Choose Pod to Help Drive Your Business Forward!

So, there you have it, Pod can benefit your business in many ways – and these are just scratching below the surface! From improving collaboration to unifying your communications, there are plenty of ways that Pod can aid your business and help streamline your overall operations. 


Unifying your business communications allows you to reinvest the time saved into areas that need it the most. That way, you can make overall smarter decisions going forward. And Pod can help with that. If you need a little more convincing and would like more information on the platform, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a free guide that outlines everything you need to know about Pod – from how it works to features and capabilities for each package tier. Don’t hesitate and grab your copy below!

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