What is Pod, and how does it work?

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Communication is one of the main pillars of business success – especially in light of the increased popularity of remote working. If it isn’t made easy for team members to communicate, you’ll find that projects and tasks fall down quickly and take a lot longer to complete. That’s not ideal for anybody, is it? 

Businesses currently use a plethora of apps and channels to stay in touch with the wider team. From Zoom meetings, Slack channels, separate mobile devices and many others too. When you think of it, that’s a lot to keep tabs on. With that in mind, Pod is an all-in-one communications system that allows you to communicate and collaborate easily in a variety of methods. 

But what is it? And is it suitable for your business? At a time where businesses need to successfully communicate the most, you need to be sure that you’re investing in the right technology to help drive things forwards. This post will explain all you need to know about Pod – from how it works to the benefits it can provide your business with. 


We’ll cover: 

  • What is Pod?
  • Who is it Suitable For?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Which Package is For You?
  • Is it Easy to Use?


What is Pod?

For businesses to operate successfully, it’s imperative that team members can easily stay in touch with one another. Project updates, meetings and even light-hearted conversations are all important matters for businesses to stay productive, improve efficiency and keep morale levels as high as possible. 

So, businesses are turning to different solutions for video calls, instant messaging, phone calls and more – but is it too much? When you have a lot of different apps to constantly check for updates and log your work on, things can easily mount up and become high maintenance. So, what if there was a platform that unites communications all in one place?


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We’d like to introduce you to… Pod. An innovative platform where you can access all of your messages, calls and contacts to ensure that collaboration and communication levels are never compromised. From long video conferences to quick-fire instant messages, you have a wide range of features and functionalities at your fingertips to help bolster your business operations.

The fact that they’re all in one place is a HUGE benefit of Pod. As we’ve mentioned, it can become a little hectic and messy when you have to check various apps and tools for updates. Whereas, with Pod, you reduce the chances of anything getting missed and improve your overall communication levels throughout the business. 

Pod is the perfect platform to unify your communications. It’s a phone, a personal assistant and a complete business solution – all wrapped into one. The functionalities and capabilities that you can perform from an easy to manage portal are staggering. Whether you’re looking to simply communicate with your team or manage your overall business’ telecoms system – you really needn’t look elsewhere.


Who is it Suitable For?

Pod offers a variety of packages that are all tiered with different feature and functionality offerings. That way, you don’t have to overpay for features that you’d never use and waste your money. With that in mind, Pod is suitable for all businesses – no matter what size or industry. It can be anything you want it to be – within communications, of course. 

We understand that some businesses don’t need a full bespoke communications solution. For example, if you’re a sole trader or work alongside your business partner, you’re not going to need an instant messaging platform to connect ALL your employees, do you? However, that doesn’t mean Pod isn’t suitable for your business. 

It really is that simple – if you don’t need extensive features, you don’t need to pay for them! Our innovative solution has made communications simple and cost-efficient. Whether you need a fully bespoke system to kit out a large business, or just need a more secure telecommunications system for your desk phone or mobile device, Pod is designed to suit everyone!

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that if you choose a more basic package, you can always add more features on and upgrade to the next tier at a later date. While you can’t pick and choose your individual features, the individual packages are feature-rich and are very accommodating. As your business grows, your system can easily grow too. 


How Does it Work?

Pod can be used as a desktop or mobile app. That way, you’re not restricted as to where you can use it – whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, you can still use Pod to help improve your communications. The app is extremely user-friendly (we’ll get into that more later on) and makes communication and collaboration much easier than having to monitor a handful of apps and tools. 

Pod allows you to see at a glance who’s available. The last thing that you want to do is start peppering someone with messages and calls when they’re in another meeting! Without a status update, you’d have no way of knowing. So, you can easily see whether somebody is available for a quick call, rather than getting annoyed when they’re not picking up. 

Call, message or video call all from the app – it couldn’t be easier. And it doesn’t stop there. Collaboration has never been so simple with the ability to send files, share screens, hold group chats and more. Plus, you can integrate it with your email calendar so it’s not only your internal team that can benefit from its organisation but your clients too. 


Which Package is For You?

As we’ve mentioned, Pod is designed with the user at heart so you’re not overpaying for features you wouldn’t make the most of. To suit all needs and requirements, Pod can be broken up into four simple seat types. 



Within this package, your team will benefit from a wide range of features and functionality. You’ll have access to the innovative portal, which will vastly improve the organisation of your business. Plus, you can join group chats and feature on three-way calls and conferences to ensure that your collaboration is never suffering.

These aren’t the only benefits and features of the Office package, they’re just a highlight of some of the key ones. Of course, this seat type is designed to be used in the office or your chosen workplace – as the name suggests!



The Anywhere package gives you all the benefits of the Office package and more. Stay in touch on-the-go with direct and group chat instant messaging – perfect for those issues that aren’t worthy or formal enough for an email. Plus, participate on video calls and meetings wherever you are so that you’re always kept in the loop. In light of recent circumstances, video calls have become a staple within all businesses.

Link up your desk phone to your mobile device, so that you never miss a call – all on one number too! You can also have the same personalised voicemail message, allowing people to recognise that they’re through to the right person.


Total Teamwork

You’ve probably guessed it from the name but this is the package that allows for collaboration and teamwork to skyrocket wherever you are. It includes every feature from the above two packages, plus Zoom video conferencing technology, over a secure portal in Pod with up to 500 people. Can’t make it into the office for that large board meeting on Friday morning? No problem – Pod can increase your flexibility to attend meetings. 

It contains all the tools needed to work together perfectly – from in-meeting chat, screen share annotations and meeting recordings, your team can work as though they’re all in the same place from various locations. 


Is it Easy to Use?

In short, yes. Pod is an extremely user-friendly platform that simplifies communication where it can. Communications apps have become the new-norm recently, so they must be easy for users to pick up quickly, otherwise, businesses wouldn’t be able to communicate properly, would they? 

That’s the beauty of Pod – gone are the days where you have to keep tabs on your emails, instant messages, work text messages and phone calls, calendar invites and so on. With Pod, you can do all of this in one place. Keeping up to date with the afore-mentioned channels is hard work, but communicating with your team and clients should be kept as simple as possible. 

Should you have any issues with your Pod system – the support network is fantastic. Our YouTube channel is full of helpful videos, guidance and advice for you to easily troubleshoot your problems and get back up and running. 


It’s important that your phone system is easy to use. If not, it turns out to be more hassle than what it’s worth. Tasks take longer, processes are lengthened and there’s general confusion within the team. All of these effects aren’t positive for your team and can lead to further problems down the line. It sounds silly to link all that back to the wrong phone system, but you’d be amazed by the importance that they carry. 


Pod Can Help Drive Your Business Forward!

If you’re on the lookout for a communications system to unify all your channels, look no further than Pod. Why would you?

Pod can scale with your business, which means that you only pay for what you use. There’s no point investing in a lucrative bespoke system where you barely use any of the features, is there? That’d be increasing your costs unnecessarily, which no business wants to do. So, for more information on how Pod can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our expert sales team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries. 

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