The Importance of an Easy to Use Phone System

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Businesses heavily rely on communication. FACT. Without it, where would they be? From collaborating on tasks to managing client expectations, communication levels need to be high to determine overall success. Without adequate communication, your whole operations fall down and mistakes naturally start to creep into your work. 

Nobody wants that, do they? Of course, mistakes will naturally happen and you’ll sometimes experience a breakdown in communications. That’s normal and often unavoidable. However, if you’re not doing everything you can to improve communication levels, you’re not putting yourself in the best position for success. 

Implementing an easy to use phone system is a simple way of removing any unnecessary stresses or barriers that are going to test your team’s communication levels. But why is it important? Won’t any old phone system do? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, this post will cover the key points of why an easy to use phone system is beneficial for your business. 

We’ll cover:

  • Improves Team Collaboration
  • Streamlines Business Processes
  • Enhances Customer and Client Experience
  • Aids Staff Onboarding
  • Cuts Overall Training Costs


Improves Team Collaboration

In light of recent circumstances, pulling different members of the team together for meetings and project discussions isn’t as easy as it once was. With restrictions on how many people you can have in the same room and within close proximity, a lot of meetings have gone online to ensure that collaboration doesn’t suffer and businesses can still keep moving forwards. 

With remote working rising in popularity, we’ve all become accustomed to video calls and meetings. But think about it, how many times do we still have problems connecting into the meeting room? Connecting our audio and making sure that your video is working too? Also, how many times do we hear, “I’ll just share my screen… if I can figure out how to do that again… can you see that ok?”


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These are all common problems when video calling, especially when picking up a platform that you’re not used to. So, businesses should aim to implement a system that’s as easy to follow as possible. If it’s too hard work, team members will look unfavourably on these meetings and will go into them with a negative mindset after all the fuss just for joining the call. 

If something is easy and seamless, it leaves no room for frustration before getting stuck into a productive meeting or catch up. If your team views the phone system to be user-friendly and in a positive way, they’re going to get more out of it. If it’s hard to use and complicated, we bet that a good chunk of these meetings will be spent slating the technology and unproductive chat.  


Streamlines Business Processes

As with anything, if your phone system is hard to navigate and use, it’s going to take your team members a lot longer when trying to use it. If that’s the case, each task is going to take longer, which can reduce your overall capacity and productivity. One of the benefits of implementing a fully bespoke communications system is to speed things up, not the adverse. 

Plus, during busy periods, you can’t afford to be slow or hard to contact. If you are, you risk missing out on the sale and potential customers leaning towards other options within the market. With that in mind, an easy to use phone system allows you to simply manage your telecommunications throughout the whole business. That way, you can adopt an all hands on deck approach if things get that busy. 

By implementing an easy to use phone system, you’re giving your team members every chance of speeding up their operations. Simple icons next to a contact’s name allow you to see when people are available or busy, therefore, time isn’t wasted trying to call them countless times to no avail. You can utilise this time wasted and invest it elsewhere to improve productivity and business efficiency. 

An easy to use phone system has plenty of features that allow for processes to be streamlined. For example, what if you’re out of the office and can’t take the calls? No problem! An easy to use system allows you to manage your devices and direct your desk calls to a mobile device, meaning that you won’t have to sift through voicemail after voicemail on your return. 

All businesses look for ways in which they can streamline processes. If you’re doing things quicker, while upholding a high standard of service, that’s surely a winner all round, isn’t it? We think so. 


Enhances Customer and Client Experience

Customer service is everything and a lot of it is carried out over the phone. As always, you should aim to provide your customers with the best experience possible. That can be the difference between someone deciding to choose your brand over another. Plus, once you’ve got them on board, your service will determine whether they’re loyal to your brand or not. 

Quite often, when people call customer services, it’s because they have an issue that needs resolving themselves. If they’re then greeted with technical difficulties or an agent who doesn’t know how to work their phone system, their confidence in your brand is going to decrease exponentially. 


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Again, with a shift in focus towards remote working, customer services teams are operating both in and out of the office. Of course, without the right phone system in place, this could create quite the bottleneck. However, with an easy to use telecoms system, your team can answer the phone from anywhere they like without a drop in quality or service provided. 

They could be in the kitchen at home or in the call centre office – your customer would never know! It’s all about customer experience – if they receive little or no support, for example, the phone ringing out in a deserted office, they’re not going to be very impressed, are they? Especially if they require immediate assistance.

So, by having an easy to use system, you’re giving yourself every chance to resolve their issues as quickly as possible and provide top-quality customer service. 


Aids Staff Onboarding

When taking on new team members, every business aims to make sure that they settle into the role and culture quickly. Well, if your phone system is completely different to one that they’ve used before and requires extensive training it could delay things indefinitely. Plus, if they’re not comfortable with the system, they won’t be wholly comfortable within their role. 

Having an easy to understand and navigable system is beneficial for speeding up employee onboarding. Why should you spend hours getting your new team member up to speed with a phone system? Surely, the business has larger priorities than that? 

Staff onboarding is such an integral part of their journey throughout the business. If they’re not onboarded properly, it could potentially mean that they’re not ready to take on the role. Plus, they’ll be left feeling anxious and morale may be low. Nobody deserves to feel like that at work – especially in a new role. 

So, by implementing an easy to use phone system, it makes the onboarding process a lot smoother and you can dedicate the majority of their time towards areas of high priority and importance.  


Cuts Overall Costs

Having an easy to use phone system allows business to cut costs dramatically. Firstly, easy to use phone systems don’t require much (if any) training at all. With that in mind, new employees or team members making the switch from archaic systems can easily get up and running with their new system. This is especially important for sales teams. 


As your business grows, with an easy to use phone system, you can save on engineer call out fees. But how? Well, long gone are the days of having to reach out to somebody to come and install new lines for your users. You can easily add new users to new or existing teams, without any assistance and associated costs. 

Should team members change departments – again, this is easily done and won’t require any additional costs to add them to new or existing teams. Whereas, with some suppliers, there’s an initial service fee and the need for additional support to get them all swapped over. So, not only does it save on costs and time – but convenience too. 


Choose Pod as Your Easy to Use Phone System

So, there you have it… there’s a clear need for an easy to use phone system and it can bring so many benefits to your business. But which one should you choose for your business?

We’d like to turn your attention to Pod! The all-in-one communications system that unifies the different channels you need to improve transparency, collaboration and efficiency. It’s tailored to individual business’ needs and requirements and can suit budgets of all sizes. For all things telecoms, you needn’t look any further. 

Does this sound like the ideal platform for you? Do you want to find out more? No problem. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. One of our experts will be on hand to answer any questions or queries – plus, alleviate any worries from former partnerships with insufficient communications business. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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