6 Main Features of Pod and How They’re Best Used

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Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their internal processes and overall productivity. Communication is a vital pillar of any successful business. So, if you’re going to achieve your forecasted highs and objectives, your business must take comms seriously – and streamline the overall process. 

Within modern businesses, it’s common for your team members to use various tools and methods to communicate. This can quickly become high maintenance and hard to keep track of. If only you could manage all of your internal, client and project-related conversations in one place? Well, with the introduction of Pod – you can. 

Pod is the perfect, all-in-one solution for businesses to take full control of their comms. It’s a feature-rich platform that can help provide many benefits for your business. So, you can say goodbye to checking emails, instant messaging platforms, mobile phones and more – and easily manage your comms all from one place! 

We’re going to explore the following features of Pod: 

  • Integration With Your CRM System
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Seamless Phone System
  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration Tools
  • Instant Messaging Platform
  • Ease of Problem Resolution

1. Integration With Your CRM System

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is integral to the success of your business. It’s a central location where you can access a wide range of information about your potential, existing, and past customers. From their contact information to details about what information they’ve been exposed to before, it’s all in there. 


Pod is easily integratable with your CRM system. That way, when you’re on a call with a customer or client, you can quickly pull up their information and fully tailor their experience. You can clearly see their information so you can hit them with the right information at the right time.


Having your CRM on hand at the click of a button is a great tool to have. Rather than rushing around trying to find it on the system away from the call, you can concentrate purely on the conversation and make the experience as good as it possibly can be. Customer personalisation and improved experience is a sure-fire way to better your results. 


2. User-Friendly Interface

Your communications tool should be easy to use. After all, if you make your phone system hard to use, you’re automatically creating an unnecessary barrier to communication for yourself, aren’t you? By making things as easy as possible, all of your workforce should have no problem navigating around the interface. Again, this will help improve the service provided.


user friendly interface

When trying to communicate with your team or your customers, the last thing you need to do is overcomplicate things. Should you need assistance while you’re on the phone to provide the best service you can, for example, bringing up the keypad to redirect a call or messaging another teammate for further insight, it should be made as simple as possible for ease of use.

With Pod, things are made as clear as possible. That way, it won’t take new team members long to get their head around things when first starting. With that in mind, you can onboard new team members quickly and they can hit the ground running and maximise returns for your business. 

3. Seamless Phone System

While video calls, emails and instant messaging are a big part of communication, you can’t ignore a good old fashioned phone call, can you? But the last thing you want when talking over the phone is an interrupted service. With Pod, phone calls are made easy with a strong connection to ensure extreme clarity. 

Not only is Pod seamless with connection but you can also manage all of your devices from one place. When you’re at work, it’s common to have a desk phone and/or a work mobile too, so, rather than having two numbers to be responsible for, you can link all your devices up to one number. 

That way, if you’re not in the office, you can still easily be reached on your mobile phone. It’ll save you the time and effort of playing back an endless list of voicemails on your return and will ensure that customers and other teammates can contact you without any problem. Pod can be adapted to any existing phone systems, so you needn’t shell out on new hardware. 

4. Video Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

For teams to be able to work together effectively, your comms tool needs to allow users to be able to collaborate as though they were in the same room. With remote working becoming a lot more popular, video conferencing has fast become a staple for any business. Meetings no longer require you to be in face to face attendance. 

And that doesn’t have to hamper productivity. In fact, it’s the opposite. It lets you save time on travelling to the meeting location, that way, you can reinvest the time doing something a lot more productive. With collaborative tools such as screen share, file transfer and annotation, you can work on projects together and physically see progress in front of you. 

Meetings are often between a number of people – not just between two. Pod allows you to carry out video calls and conferences between a large group of people. Therefore, you can have a meeting of minds, rather than just a couple of you. 

5. Instant Messaging Platform

Sometimes conversations just don’t warrant a phone call or a formal email, do they? You’re on the phone with a customer and you want to know a simple yes or no answer from your team in relation to a quick query – you can drop them a quick line while holding the conversation with the customer and reassuring them in conversation. 

Instant messaging is great for collaboration between internal teams too. If you need a quick update during the day about how far somebody got with a project, you can drop them a quick message to see how they’re getting on. Or, it’s useful for leaving your team members little notes. For example, “please could you give me a quick call when you’ve got 5 minutes.” 

Pod’s instant messaging platform allows you to easily see whether your team members are available or not. That way, you’re not sitting around for ages waiting for somebody’s reply when you can put your time to good use.

6. Ease of Problem Resolution

Should things go wrong with your comms system, you want to resolve problems as quickly as possible, right? Well, as Pod is controlled all from one place, there’s only one business who you need to get in touch with to sort the problem out. Plus, we’ll be on the case straight away to get you back up and running. 

Quite often, when there is more than one party involved with the running and management of your comms infrastructure, there’s a lot of finger-pointing that goes on. For example, your hosting company may always blame installation and vice versa. Either way, if there’s a problem, not only will it take longer to get back on your feet but it’ll cost you too. 

At Pod, we value our customers. As we take care of everything related to your telecoms, there’s only one business you need to turn to. Our expert team will gladly help you get back online so that your operations can continue. Plus, our YouTube channel and website is full of helpful troubleshooting content to help alleviate your issues. 

Find Out More How Pod Can Help You!

Pod is designed to be used by businesses of all sizes and all budgetary requirements. It’s the perfect all-in-one telecommunications solution that your business can benefit from – you needn’t look elsewhere. 

If you’d like to find out more about the solution and how it can easily be implemented throughout your business, we have just the resource for you! We’ve put together a FREE comprehensive guide on all things Pod, that way, you can make smarter decisions when looking for the perfect holistic telecoms solution for your business. 

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