Attendant Options

Flexible, reliable automated call handling with Easy Attendant or Premium Attendant.

Multi-level Menus

Select from a list of options with 150 customisable multi-level menus.

Easy Set-up

Configure and monitor your Attendant through your own secure portal.

Flexible, reliable call handling...
with Easy or Premium Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant offers powerful capabilities for meeting the
needs of your customers, improving employee productivity,
and controlling costs.

Engineered to simulate a live operator, Auto Attendant
directs incoming callers to the appropriate department or
employee. This enables you to ensure that your customers’
calls are handled effectively 24 hours a day, seven days a


Take control of your inbound calls

Auto attendant
auto attendant menu

Allow callers to select from a list of options with 150 customisable multi-level menus that offer intuitive, consistent navigation of even the largest organisations.

Create specialised menus and announcements for outside business hours or during weekends and holidays, or transfer calls directly to voicemail to take the pressure off your reception staff.

Enable callers to identify and dial organisations or individuals directly by simply entering the first few letters of their names or extension. The option to transfer directly to a voice mailbox takes the pressure off your reception staff.

Configure and monitor your Premium Attendant through CommPortal or by phone. Benefit from multiple administration options to configure schedules, recordings, and call trees.

easy set up

Auto Attendant User Guide

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