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Pod Health is a unique hybrid of our UC solution Pod, and the best in class clinical system solution Call Connect GP.

Operational Efficiency

Pod Health provides dramatic increases in efficiency for the primary care sector, providing a much needed easing of burden.

Seamless Integration

Integrating with all clinical systems, Pod Health improves the patient experience and surgery expectations.

Integrating with all clinical systems, Pod Health provides dramatic increases in operational efficiency for the primary care sector, providing a much-needed easing of the burden on both clerical & clinical staff and ensuring a patient experience that is second to none.

Telephone contact remains a primary method
for patients to interact with the surgery

Pod Health


Identify the Caller, Capture Numbers, See Notes,
Identify Tasks and Click to Dial Calls


For both clinical and clerical staff, immediately see notes and alert information from the Clinical System that may affect how the call is handled


Immediately identify the patient calling and quickly select the patient in the clinical system typically saving 12 seconds per call


Accurately capture any new number from which a patient calls and add to the Clinical System ensuring all activities that rely on numbers are more efficient 

Call Connect GP

Task Buster

As well as the normal tasks, Covid vaccinations increase the need for GP practices targetting contact to those who are harder to reach. Stragglers from the first priority groups, refusers who need to be contacted, and Patients on ‘reserve lists’ to avoid vaccine waste.


Call Connect GP combines an outbound group contact utility with Priority Incoming Alerts to provide a fully joined up solution.


List of patients can be set up as Task / Alert groups.
Multiple practice staff are able to work on the list simultaneously.

Click to Dial

Click to dial numbers on screen, or launch the clinical system for that patient so all their information is easy to see.

Activity Recorded

All activity is recorded (phone calls, SMS, email, letter and other) allowing a snapshot / history of contact until the task is completed / cancelled.

Household Members

Other household members with priority tasks are also displayed, with any relevant information alerts that might affect how you deal with the task.

New Number Capture

Improve patient data with the new Number Capture feature. Immediately recognise that a number is new and add it to the clinical system without any input error.

Intelligent Response

The list intelligently refreshes and removes Patients as the task is completed by anyone in the practice.

Manager Review

The Manager can quickly view all activity on the Tasks and there is an audit trail - history of task activity recorded against the user logged in.

Multiple Lists

Multiple lists can operate at the same time.

Pod Health Call Connect GP

Telephone contact presents an opportunity to engage with patients to...


Receptionist Benefits

Recognise Numbers

Recognise all known patients numbers enabling quick selection in Clinical System after a simple confirmation.

New Number Capture

Immediately recognise that a number is new and add to clinical system without any input error.

Same Household

Know all the patients living in the same household, that the call could be about.


Up to date mobile numbers make all associated SMS solutions more effective eg. Appointment Reminders

Priority Tasks

Know and complete real 'priority tasks' to complete as part of the call.

Patient Warnings

Be aware of Clinical System patient warnings or other useful to know information.

Features Overview

Reduce call handling time“Screen Pop” of clinical system triggered by known numbers calling.YesYes
Easy handling of multiple matched numbers and other patients at same address.YesYes
Semi Automated New Number Capture.YesYes
Practice wide Address Book Mini Contact CRM.YesYes
Click to dial from Patient Record or anywhere on screen.YesYes
Decrease admin timeScratchpad for patient notes.YesYes
Basic task workflow support (click to dial and patient record “screen pop”).Yes
Bulk outbound task management with inbound call tagging.Yes
Improve patient communication and maximise incomeOptional Audit trail for new number capture.YesYes
Basic call history.YesYes
Support for multiple clinical systems / hubs / call centre.Yes
Alert activity report for Practice Managers.Yes
Simple to deploy and maintainPresales liaison with CCG / CSU IT re: permissions / approvals.YesYes
Remote Fast track install and training.YesYes
Project management.Yes
On-site visit (training and / or user PC install).Yes
Basic remote support for faults and API use.YesYes
Client PC reinstallations.Yes
Server PC reinstallations (non-maintenance reasons).Discounted
On-going training.Yes
Software feature upgrades.Yes

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