Rise of Video

Huge rise of software-defined meeting rooms, using Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Agnostic Hardware

The introduction of agnostic, appliance-based video hardware.

Remote Solutions

Remote expert solutions, as only 5% of the world's meeting rooms are video enabled.

Only 5% of the world's
meeting rooms are video enabled

We will change this because we are…

1 %

From first engagement through to delivery, we deliver rooms faster than anyone else.

1 %
More Cost Effective

The framework enables efficiencies right from point of sale, through to project delivery and post sale.

1 %

Don’t overcomplicate. Simple solutions at simple price points that make video meetings a breeze to procure, deliver and manage.


Deployment Framework

We have created an easy to consume, highly scalable meeting room deployment framework. 

If you want a fast, cost effective and consistent way to video enable your meeting rooms, look no further!


There are 2 deployment options…

Boot into application mode using Pod, or even other conferencing platforms such as:

  • Zoom
  • MS Teams,
  • GoToMeeting
  • Blue Jeans
  • 8X8

Use agnostic mode by:-


a. Dial into SIP or H.323 calls natively using the dial pad.

b. Plug your laptop into the system via USB and HDMI and expand your laptop to the room system.
This means your laptop hosts the call but uses the in-room microphone, camera, speakers and
screen so everyone around the table can have an optimised video experience.


In the AV market

6 key problems
we wanted to address

3 core technology
enablers emerging


Scale your video rooms

We’ve made it easy to deploy video meeting rooms, like never before. 

No lengthy building works, no costly professional services and zero fuss.

Device Only

Already have a Table and Screen. Just clip our devices onto the screen and away you go. No need for expensive professional services - our devices really are that simple!

tv stand


Want to turn an existing meeting room into a video enabled space quickly and efficiently? Avoid expensive room remediation costs with our simple assembly solutions.

video meeting room table


Empty room or want to optimise a room for a video experience? Take one of our all in one solutions, with integrated self assembly furniture designed for video. Think flat pack for video rooms!

video meeting room


– Video enable an existing meeting room in an hour
– Can be assembled in working hours (no noise or dust)
– Only Client dependency is a plug and network cable

Available in the below variants
Single Screen 50”
Single Screen 55”
Single Screen 65”
Single Screen 75”
Dual Screen 50”
Dual Screen 55”



– Optimized video experience, the table is designed to
enhance viewing experience on video calls
– Can be assembled in under 2 hours
– Can be assembled in working hours (no noise or dust)
– Only Client dependency is a plug and network cable
– Includes Plugs and USB charging points on the table.


Available in the below variants

Single 50” 3 person
Single 55” 5-7 person
Single 65” 7-9 person
Single 75” 9-15 person

What's included...

We are always at hand to support you, and your customers!

24/7 Support

Use our expert helpdesk to back off 3rd line support or to report or raise an issue with any of our room solutions. Create more value in your service proposition. Contact us.

3 year warranty

Peace of mind. Simply Rooms hardware is covered under a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Software patches and updates are also included for the 3 year term.

3 year expert access

Why pay for expensive professional services when Pod Meeting Rooms are so easy to set up? Utilise our expert service for remote assistance to set up or move your customers units during the lifetime of the contract.

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